Thursday, December 20, 2012

Of Doomsday, Mayans and Arrogant Civilization

It's December 21, 2012 where I live. Have you guys been expecting something cataclysmic to happen? 

I promised myself that I will channel only positive energy, positive thoughts in preparation for the alignment but it gets really tough especially when I see a lot of people mocking the Mayans, which if I may add is one of the most advanced civilizations that ever walked on the planet (and yes, even more advanced than today's civilization as tough as that may be for our bloated egos to chew), on Facebook.

See the Mayans didn't get it wrong. It is the end. It's the end of the dark age (experts call it the Age of Pisces) and we have now just entered the Age of Aquarius, which is expected to be the Age of Enlightenment, Truth and Unity. It's an age to look forward to because the darkness will start to fade and people will become more enlightened. 

The Mayans didn't say the world is going to meet an apocalyptic end today (although that is still a possibility because remember the day isn't half over yet). They said an old age will end and a new one will begin. Change WILL happen. Whether that change is instantaneous or will creep up on us gradually, it will happen.

Instead of mocking the Mayans and being arrogant and crass about the possibility of doomsday, let's just use this day to meditate, reflect and think about the changes that should take place because let's face it, this world NEEDS change. You NEED to change. Because if you don't, the failed doomsday you have laughed at today will become a reality in the near future. 

So yeah, reflect and meditate to coincide with the galactic alignment, perhaps somewhere close to nature (we chose the beach). You can afford to lose a day (or two!).

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  1. Loved reading this Kathy... and while I don't believe in a doomsday like everyone has painted today to be, I do agree that the world needs change; here's to hoping that it happens!! :)




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