Sunday, December 16, 2012


It's my dear Mama's birthday today and we spent the better part of the afternoon cooking up a birthday supper. Happy birthday Ma! I'd like to list down the hundreds or so reasons why my mother is the best but words elude me. It happens when there's something awesome I want to say but I end up choking it all up. I know this wouldn't suffice but we at home love you so much!

After eating, I'm not feeling so swell so I hit the couch and took off to Winterfell where I'm still grappling with the first book of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. And then I remembered we took  outfit shots yesterday and I forgot to post it. meh. So here it is - one of my no-brainer outfits. The kind of outfit I wear when I want to preserve a semblance of stylishness without baring too much skin. The kind of outfit that makes people wonder if I'm going to give them envelopes and ask for Church donations. I suppose it was the creepers that saved the outfit from looking too Sunday mass-esque.

So Christmas and New Year is looming before us. I did me some Christmas gift shopping for my family that virtually rendered me a pauper. I kept on consoling myself that it's really better to give than to receive this Christmas. That didn't stop me from relishing the idea of receiving a brand new bicycle soon though. Advanced thanks to the boyfriend! 

This year, I decided not to make a New Year's resolution list. The past few years taught me that my brain isn't cut at remembering resolutions, let alone, at keeping them. But I decided to keep one resolution in mind: "to say yes more often". 

Now before you start knocking on my front door, asking to borrow money, in the hopes that I say "yes" without batting an eyelash, I'd like to qualify. I'm going to say "yes" to new experiences, to trying out new hobbies, to conquering my fears, to testing different waters, to meeting new people and friends and to pretty much anything that will give me more substance. 

I suppose this is the perfect resolution for me. Easy to forge in my brain. No superb attention span needed. 

So guys, have you done your Christmas shopping already? Made your New Year's resolution?


  1. You look cute! Good blog, maybe follow each other? :-)
    xoxo Maddie

  2. Looks amazing and the bag is great!

  3. congrats to your mom :)
    I love game of thrones *__*
    I think the resolution is great, sometimes I don't take chances beacuase I'M afraid of something, but I will definetly say yes more often in the next year :)
    I like the outfit. the belt is very cute :)
    have a nice day ♥

  4. Love the neutrals! You look so cute and I really love the texture of your top! Very chic.



  5. Oh i love your little belt and the elegant skirt! I have all my shopping done, except a few bottles of wine to put with a few gifts...just have to wrap everything and then i'll think about those new year resolutions!

  6. So I think seeing you in those shoes just convinced me I need a pair of platforms/flatforms in my life... there's a pair that just went on sale at H&M so I may have to pick those up this week hehe :)


  7. I love your shoes and dress :D Look elegant :3

  8. you inspired me. cause i just forgot that its almost christmas in few days and im not buying anything for my family yet.
    anyway those boots are so vintage! love it

  9. love your shoes and skirt <3

  10. very cute blog!<3
    great pictures. you're so pretty anyway;)

    i'm following you. mind to followback? Thanks! xx


  11. ahahah so true about new year resolution! i broke my 2011 resolution on January 2011, what kind of resolution is that if i'll only break it immediately after i made them. looking so lovely kat, as always :)

  12. happy birthday to your mom. nice outfit, i love your top and shoes. stunning! :)

  13. Congrats to ur mom! U look incredible!


  14. I like your goal Kathy! I find myself hesitating a lot with decisions as well. I need to try out new things and experiences! I hope the new year brings a lot of great opportunities for you :) you look beautiful btw, I love your clutch!

    Metallic Paws

  15. nice flare skirt and envelope bag dear!

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  16. look your bag and the shoes !! love them :D
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