Saturday, October 6, 2012


Can someone knock me on the head whenever I complain about the endless lull of my life? Yes, you have my permission.

This week has been both eventful and stressful. And me, control freak extraordinaire, tends to feel a little shaken up when things start happening. And to start getting some of my ground back, I made an effort to squeeze in an outfit shoot this weekend.

I originally wanted to get a yellow bustier top to go with this skirt. But in my sleepy town, you can't find crap (not even a pair of bloomers or tights in sight!). And in my perpetual state of brokeness (lol is this even a word?), I find myself shying away from shipping costs.

Anyway, hello to all of you reading this blog. This post should prove that it's still alive and kicking!


  1. What a pretty skirt! It's difficult to buy things in my town too!


  2. You look gorgeous as always; love the wedges with the socks!! Your smile is definitely your best accessory though :)
    I hope all is well for you... it sounds like we're the same in that we complain when life is in a lull but then when things start happening we get all stressed out from being overwhelmed haha. Just know that you can get through anything and life will move on as usual :)


  3. So beauty cute look!!! You are so sunny!!!Love-love-love!

  4. super cute as always!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  5. Your belt is just the cutest!

    Carmen Ri.



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