Sunday, September 16, 2012

Little Red

I was a girl on a mission during our latest trip to Baguio. The mission? Binge on as many Asian snacks as my stomach can tolerate. hoho! And from this post, you can tell it was a success.

Baguio is a food refuge to us so it is little wonder that our trips here turn into an eating fest. But that's alright because you'll burn all those calories with all the walking you will inevitably do (not that I'm much of a calorie watcher).

Random photos and commentary coming up...

Magnum? What Magnum? Korean Sandwich ice creams are still the best.

We make it a point to visit the Takoyaki stand. It wasn't as epic as it used to be. They're becoming a tad stingy with the tako and pickled ginger so all you can really taste from it is the cabbage and the batter. /meh

Korean ice cream sandwiches are drool-worthy. I must try the Taiyaki-like ice cream they have next time.

Frozen chapssalddeok! I've been trying to recreate this at home but I've always failed in microwaving the glutinous rice concoction. Oh well, I'll try again next time.

Red beans! Soft and squishy chapssalddeok. Chapssalddeok is a lot like Mochi in Japan. They also have colorful Mandus but we'll try that next time.

Seol Han Na in To The Beautiful You was eating this stuff so I was curious as to how it tasted like. It's like a cross between wafer and kropek here in the Philippines.

Found rice paper! Now I can (try) replicate the Vietnamese spring rolls we ate at Pho Saigon last time.

To have my very own herb garden - this is one of the things I have included in my bucket list.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little photo journey of Little Red, err, floral hood. Hope you are all having a fantastic Monday!


  1. i always adore your style <3
    love the entire outfit! and those korean ice cream look really tempting lol

  2. Adorable. ADORABLE!! Seriously, I don't think I've seen anyone look quite so cute in a hooded cape before :)
    And all of those delicious looking snacks! Going to Japan for a long vacation (I'd want at least two weeks!) has been on my personal bucket list since I was in about sixth grade (my funds haven't changed much since then haha) and the food was always one of the many reasons I wanted to go. Takoyaki and mochi are two of the things that I've always wanted to try! Yum!!


  3. Oh you are just adorable! <3

  4. looove your top!
    where did you get it?!

  5. ahh Kathy this is such a beautiful look! first time seeing a floral cape but it looks amazing on you :)

  6. I am in love with both of the outfit and the food, your blog is absolutely adorable! I tried to see where you got that floral cape because it is the cutest thing ever, love how you paired it with reds. As for the snacks- YUM! I love trying snacks from different places and there is an international food grocery I don't make it to nearly enough- the whole not being able to read the label thing is slightly intimidating for me but half the fun! My mom recent visited Taiwan and Hong Kong and brought back the coolest little things for us to try! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you're having a beautiful day!
    xo Hannah

  7. Great pictures!! :)

  8. Hattitude Style Blog

    kathy you look utterly darling as per usual! i love love this little flower cape you have on! all this food looks so interesting and yummy!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  9. Red and florals look so good together! You look cute as ever!

    Carmen Ri.

  10. lovely cape! you look so adorable! those food look yummy! <3

    Letters To Juliet



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