Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fifty Shades Of Grey

August should be a tribute to Murphy's law, if the amount of torrential rain and postponed activities is anything to go by. We haven't seen sunshiny weather in over a month, hence, my lack of posts. And in between the sisyphean task of battling flood, overseeing home renovation, keeping up with pending work and fending off the blues, there's really not much time and energy for blogging. So yeah, this is my roundabout way of apologizing for my hiatus and a hidden plea to not give up on this blog yet. lol!

Despite the whiny tone of my preamble, I really have it going easy compared to a lot of people. When it rains, it really pours. Literally! It's the worst weather our province has seen in, like, forever. Things are looking up though now that September is just right around the corner. Though not the end of typhoon visits by any means, it most likely is (crossing my fingers on this) the end of the mother of all monsoon seasons. Our monsoon season this year will put 2009's typhoon Ondoy to shame.

So here are a few pictures taken during Myk's weekend birthday celebration. There's more where that came from but for the life of me, I couldn't muster the energy to edit and resize them. And the birthday celebrant is nowhere to be seen in the photos. lol! Always behind the camera, Myk is.


  1. first of all happy birthday to you sweetie girl and second of all the outfit really prefect on you ,love the new header

  2. Gorgeous outfit, gorgeous photos, and gorgeous you!! No need to apologize Kathy, I understand being hiatus in the blogworld and I think most people understand that life just gets in the way some times :) Nothing to be sorry about since you have a lovely blog and I can't imagine anyone leaving it because of your slight absence!!


  3. Great photos and dress..:) Welcome back from your hiatus! ;)


  4. You are so pretty! Might I ask, where from the Philippines are you from? :)

    1. I'm from La Union Chai. How do I leave a comment on your blog? I can't seem to find it. :)

  5. I love your dress and your belt, they're super cute and go very well together! :) oh and eating chocolates is amazing when it's raining!

    Drawing Dreaming

  6. cute dress and belt! i also like the chickens! and that mocha is my favorite. vanilla latte is good, too!

    ps: we're having a surprise painting giveaway on our blog this week - you're invited! :-)




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