Saturday, July 21, 2012


Due to the incessant rain of the past few days and my diminishing creativity that refuses to be replenished, there's no outfit photos today. Fashion-wise, I've been feeling a tad uninspired lately. I blame that on my lack of time to browse other blogs and leech inspiration. But I'll try to do that next week though as I couldn't stand another week of idea-less weekends when I spend an hour trying on different clothes until the discarded ones have piled up in one messy heap on my bed without even a single ensemble to satisfy my discriminating taste. lol. I'm hopeless. 

But in lieu of an outfit post, here are photos of my recently acquired plants. 

If you have been following my posts, you might have read about my plans of taking up gardening. We don't have space for that yet so I have to be contented with taking care of potted plants. This one here is one of my favorites - the stargazer. I was supposed to buy a pretty violet-colored cluster of plants that resemble hydrangeas but when we got back from watching Ice Age 4, they were already sold out. I should have reserved them like what I did with this yellow stargazer. Anyway, I know where to source those pretty flowers. When I visit Baguio again, I'll surely purchase them.

This mint herb is in a sorry state. I wonder if I can still rehabilitate it or will it completely die because of my smothering ministrations? hehe. I hope not. It would work well for my pasta dishes.

Anyhow, I've been busy these past few weeks launching a website/blog about korean drama fashion. The site is still under construction and I'm still catching up on the latest dramas to do a fashion recap. That and my work are keeping me incessantly occupied so pardon me for not returning the love you shower upon this blog immediately.

If you love fashion and Korean dramas as much as I do, please support Korean Drama Fashion website. Like the Facebook page to get updates on recent posts. Thank you guys in advance! :D


  1. Oh wow, amazing photos! And your trip to the garden paradise on the last post was adorable, Kath! You look chic as ever.. ;) And I'm a big sucker for Korean drama too! lol

    Can't wait to read your next post! Keep your chicness, sweetpie!

    Hugs and kiss kiss,

    1. Thanks for the heart-warming comment Liz! oooh I'm so happy you are also a fan of Korean dramas. Let's both gush about how awesome they are! :)

  2. Wow, that yellow stargazer looks really beautiful. I didn't know it was called like this in English, it has such a lovely name <3

    Life is a romantic poem

    1. I totally agree Jul. The name stargazer is really lovely. I first learned of its name from a local TV show and immediately thought how lovely the flower and its name is. <3



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