Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Inspiration: Weekend Getaways

This is definitely going to be a long post. Crossing my fingers that blogger won't die on me again. T__T. 

Yesterday, Karen and I had a half-spontaneous, half-planned trip to a nearby botanical garden. We were relying on the weather to make the decision for us. San Fernando city's botanical garden (I suppose it's my civic duty to promote our city) is a short, albeit steep climb up, trip from the town proper. If my memory serves me right, last time I was here was 1998 - so yeah, a decade and change.

The whole place is virtually a labyrinth of mini gardens. You'd be lucky if you can find a wide clearing. In most gardens, you'd have to enjoy the view (and take photos) from a stairway. But that's exactly the charm of this place. You'll never know which path you will be led to. The gardens are everywhere! 

We didn't see a lot of flowers though we were too tired to see the orchidarium and the bromeliad section. Saving that up for later, I guess. Most of the varieties we saw are the non-flowering varieties, which all looked the same to my non-horticulturist eyes.

 Wise words from Coco Chanel

 Do you know this plant? The leaves fold up when you touch it. It's really fun to watch. I can't help touching this plant whenever I see one at Myk's place.

Kids in disposition. lol! :p Never too old for swings.

In the wishing well, there are these pots shaped like fishes. There are signs in every one of the fishes. You are supposed to aim your coin on the fishes you want to wish for. Took a photo of the Love fish. I you want to wish for love, drop your coin here.

As you can see, a lot of people wished for love but missed. aww! Karen said the lottery pot was smaller. Why are they making it difficult for us to win the lottery?! I guess it's because the owners wanted people to wish for health and love and peace more. :p

Can't pose properly. Not enough time on the self-timer. Must get a remote.

It was akin to mountain climbing. My legs are still sore after all that walking. And I'm saying goodbye to those shoes as well. :'(

Hope you enjoyed viewing these photos and I hope they're all loading properly.


  1. haha, my feet soles are still sore too! i should've worn socks!

    the pictures are too cutesy-nice by the way! see you again soon! ;)

  2. oh yeah, and i'll be downloading some of them from your account ha...

    1. sure sure dear. or I can send you the original files from my computer. Just tell me if you need them. :)

  3. beautiful photos!!

    you look great!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  4. What gorgeous photos. It looks like a beautiful place and you both look lovely.


  5. The sensitive plant, the touch-me-not, and many other names... but that plant you were wondering about is the Mimosa Pudica!
    We had one in our biology department at college and we always liked to play with it; such a cute plant (although by touching it, a person is being sort of a sadist since the plant recoils like that because it's scared/thinks it's in danger)! The folding in that it does is a defense mechanism: it can cause harmful insects to fall off or flee so that they can't lay eggs on the plant or eat the plant.

    Nature's pretty cool, huh? :)


    1. We call it the "makahiya" in here - from the word "hiya" which means "shy" in English. I'm a total sadist because I just love touching them. It's just the coolest plant! :)

  6. the place is soo beautiful.
    must be fun to visit such beautiful place with best friend :)
    have a nice day!

  7. This looks like such an amazing place to visit (apart from all the 'hiking' haha). I love visiting gardens - especially typical english country ones with all the flowers. Hope you have a lovely week!

    1. Thanks April! Me too. It's just so relaxing to be surrounded by flowers. You too, have a lovely week! <3

  8. It looks like you had an amazing time!! Beautiful place! You have a great blog! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin’? I promise I’ll follow you back!
    Have a nice day!


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  9. I love your photos lovely :D
    love your style too .. mind to follow each other?
    followed you dear >D

    1. Thanks dear. Sure, will check your blog out. :)



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