Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mint Kicks

So I was determined to have these photos uploaded on my blog today despite the fact that I'm yawning every other second and I'm starting to see double. Thankfully, my internet decided to be cooperative and allowed record-fast uploading.  For once, in my entire subscription contract, it's doing something right.

I wore brights again today just because the whole day power interruption left me profusely sweating even after taking a bath. Bright clothes are my saving grace when it comes to sucky, uncomfortable days.

Didn't get to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter again. Been wanting to see it since forever. Have you guys seen it already? Is it any good?

Hope you are not getting tired of the smooching dogs belt yet. It's the only non-boring leather belt I have. T__T. And that guy up there is my boyfriend Myk who occasionally gets mentioned in my posts and who is responsible for the photos you can see in this blog (unless taken by me or with the aid of a tripod). He has a very high tolerance level, which is why we get along pretty well. lol!

As for the outfit, the separates are some of the things you have already seen in my previous posts. I want to relocate that rosette on my dress (used as a top). It just looks weird where it is now. 

Anyway, hello to my new followers! I'll find time again tomorrow to visit all your blogs. Hope you are all having a great weekend! 


  1. what a cute short and shoes . lovely <3

  2. What a cute little outfit. The dog belt is just adorable! You two must make such a lovely couple!


  3. No way, I could NEVER get tired of that smooching puppy belt!! It reminds me SO MUCH of a belt I found thrifting once of two lion heads in the same position but sadly it was too small of me :(((
    You're looking adorable as always! <3

  4. Woohoo! Mike's shirt is coordinated with your mint shoes! Lol!

  5. haha love what you called the belt, smooching dogs! I can totally see it now. anyway those mint creepers are too adorable. love the colour and design :)
    oh and sorry for the late reply! shopping on is ridiculously addictive. you will find that everything is dirt cheap but paying for international shipping and service fees can end up being more expensive than the items themselves!

  6. love your shoes!!! :D



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