Friday, July 6, 2012

Double Denim

If I have that much energy to rant, I might as well channel it in saying something edifying. This has been my mantra in the past few months. I admit, this is not iron-clad. I occasionally succumb to my baser human instincts and/or habits. I deviate from it more times than my self-concocted standards would allow (e.g. sucky internet, annoying commute, uncooperative weather, bitchy sales ladies, self-directed angst, distasteful Thor jokes).

In this day and age, I guess it’s far more challenging to suppress your thoughts, especially with the existence of social media and its accessibility. But while there are lots of perks, the downsides are also undeniable. 

Most people think it’s okay to say whatever they want to say; that they can get away with it and chalk it up to freedom of expression. Rarely do people stop, step back and consider whether they have crossed the line between honesty and tactlessness.

These days, it's hard to choose a topic considered comparatively safe. It's hard to give free reign to your thoughts and put them into writing, without them being taken out of context and maliciously misinterpreted. 
I've been blogging for years, even owned a blogdrive account. In the past, I can talk about my unrequited love or my tedious school work and go on and on as if it's a diary only my eyes can see. It's because the readership back then was not as wide and diverse as now. People don't look at you and superimpose your your blog over your face, whereas now, you are more or less defined by what they see in your social media account, what you have said, where you have been, what you have eaten.

I suppose it's important to remind ourselves that the virtual world is really what it is - virtual. Although it is a part and parcel of our modern day existence, it is not our be-all, end-all. It's not enough of a resource to calculate people. However, it can be an instrument to spread love and positivity. So rather than leave vague status messages and vomit hate words, quote Jesus or Gandhi instead. You, not to mention everyone around you, will be better off with it. 

I'm not shoving this advice down your throat. In fact, I have to remind myself to follow this as well. But it's worth mulling over, don't you think? 

I don't have issues, for the record (in case you're wondering where this post sprouted from). I just like harnessing my writing skills in hopes that I can one day organize all my thoughts and spew them out in coherent paragraphs. hee~

But on to the outfit - this be an oversized denim dress I saw at the thrift store (where else?). It's really originally baggy. I had to cut a portion of the waist and reconnect it to the other half. It turned out okay. I really wanted a denim dress to pair up with my thrifted Emporio Armani loafers (yes I'm bragging the label). I lugged this vintage style tote to cap off the look. I had to carry a bazillion stuff that weighed like a stack of Murakami hardbounds so my crossbody purses did not cut it. 
And to commemorate me getting into the classics, using my The Little Prince book as a prop. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Haha, and so this little girl can relate...
    Oh how I want to see you!

  2. nice post :)
    always love your post, btw this denim dress look very match with your bag ;)


  3. The line between honesty and tactlessness...I agree. I mean, how can you understand when you're spilling out too much? Sometimes I write "personal" things on my blog and I'm always concerned about oversharing....anyway, you're the cutest :) I love that little denim dress on you, it's just perfect.

    Life is a romantic poem

    1. It's my concern too. Sometimes I just censor myself whenever I'm in the mood to be opinionated. But thanks Jul. Love your blog to bits too! <3

  4. You're so cute! x Lovely blog!!

    I hope you'll check ours:



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