Monday, July 16, 2012

All Roads Meet

I found out earlier this day that it's a bad idea to post 20+ photos in one blogger post. And with the internet connection I've been having as of late, it's an even worse idea. So here I am settling for outfit posts taken from Karen and I's recent escapade to nearby Botanical Garden. Two locals acting like tourists. 

Last time I went there was over a decade ago when it was still fairly new and there weren't a lot of gardens to see. Now, on the other hand, you'll literally need a whole day to fully explore the area. It's so vast, with numerous pathways, intersections, uphill and downhill climb that you'll find yourself wondering if you're lost. Every garden seem to lead to another garden and then another and another until your legs and feet keep nagging you to backtrack.

Save for the mosquitoes, it was a lovely and calming weekend escapade. Will post more photos later. <3


  1. aww you look so cute! :)) i love your shoes :D
    good thing the mosquitoes didn't attack you! haha. I hate them! they always bite me. huhu :)

    can't wait to see more of your photos! have a nice day!~ ^^)


  2. That is such a pretty skirt. It looks lovely with that pink top.

    Oh, I hate mosquitos! They always seem to find me!


  3. Such a cute and comfortable outfit!! I love the combo of a skirt+socks+oxfords and do it quite often myself :)
    I also am SO JEALOUS of your hair!! It's the exact length that I have been growing mine out to be for the past few years and it's almost there... maybe five or so inches shorter >__< But I guess considering my hair was only about an inch long a few years ago, I guess I'm doing pretty well lol.




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