Saturday, July 28, 2012

Be Yourself...Not

One of the advices I have stopped dispensing and taking is "be yourself". I've had people in the past tell me, whenever I wear something different or wear something totally uncharacteristic, that I don't look at all like the "real" me, as if they're an excellent judge of that.

I've had people I knew and was acquainted with in school tell me I grew fatter or prettier or less talkative or more guarded and say that I'm not the girl they once knew as if that is a crime punishable by death, as if I should be stoned because of changing.

Last time someone threw this advice on my face, my brain literally went on an excursion. I was baffled by how deep the advice went and how many questions surfaced because of it. But ultimately, it made me ask myself: "who is the real me anyway?". 

Is the real me the girl who likes dawns and dusks and spends most of her free time reading? Is the real me the girl who loves cooking and cleaning but hates doing the laundy? Is the real me the girl who shies away from strangers and giggles a lot when with friends? Is the real me the one who doesn't mind wearing holey and threadbare clothes indoors? Is the real me the self-critical virago or the all-accepting friend?

Is the real me the one I show to virtual strangers - calm, aloof, detached and chronically unimpressed? Or is the real me the one I show to my family, my boyfriend and my friends - a constant nag, cares too little too much, sensitive, relaxed and opinionated?

The thing is, to "be yourself" is an advice one can never accurately follow. Even if you attempt to, you'll easily find yourself lost in translation. That's because we have different facets, adapting personalities, different reactions to different things that make up our multi-dimensional character. We're not supposed to be one-note like Bella Swan, for instance, who can only pull off a perpetually bored face and care only about Edward and Jacob in 4 books.

We're supposed to grow and assimilate things. We're supposed to have phases and outgrow them. We're supposed to be occasionally weird and have our moments when we go astray from the staid and the normal. That's what life and living is - a long moment of discovery. 

You can't gauge a person's entirety and who he/she is by what he/she has shown you in a fleeting party introduction. You can't say a girl is not being herself when she is trying to look like Alexa Chung or Lady Gaga on a whim.

There's always that moment when you surprise yourself, unearth something new, and realize that this is where you belong. That the world you thought you fit right in is a world you can no longer relate to. That the people who you used to rub shoulders with no longer has something in common with you. 

That's not a bad thing. You shouldn't feel bad because you have become different. You shouldn't let others make you feel bad because you're no longer that simpering girl they can intimidate. 

You're still yourself, adapting to the constant change, testing the waters, finding the things that excite you - no matter what age you are. So don't berate yourself when people tell you "you're not being yourself". They just don't know what "being yourself" really means. And now that you do, you should revel in it. Let it happen. Absorb it in the marrows of your bones, the molecules of your DNA and wear it like a badge of pride because there's nothing more tragic than letting years go by without letting vital things like change and growth happen.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Due to the incessant rain of the past few days and my diminishing creativity that refuses to be replenished, there's no outfit photos today. Fashion-wise, I've been feeling a tad uninspired lately. I blame that on my lack of time to browse other blogs and leech inspiration. But I'll try to do that next week though as I couldn't stand another week of idea-less weekends when I spend an hour trying on different clothes until the discarded ones have piled up in one messy heap on my bed without even a single ensemble to satisfy my discriminating taste. lol. I'm hopeless. 

But in lieu of an outfit post, here are photos of my recently acquired plants. 

If you have been following my posts, you might have read about my plans of taking up gardening. We don't have space for that yet so I have to be contented with taking care of potted plants. This one here is one of my favorites - the stargazer. I was supposed to buy a pretty violet-colored cluster of plants that resemble hydrangeas but when we got back from watching Ice Age 4, they were already sold out. I should have reserved them like what I did with this yellow stargazer. Anyway, I know where to source those pretty flowers. When I visit Baguio again, I'll surely purchase them.

This mint herb is in a sorry state. I wonder if I can still rehabilitate it or will it completely die because of my smothering ministrations? hehe. I hope not. It would work well for my pasta dishes.

Anyhow, I've been busy these past few weeks launching a website/blog about korean drama fashion. The site is still under construction and I'm still catching up on the latest dramas to do a fashion recap. That and my work are keeping me incessantly occupied so pardon me for not returning the love you shower upon this blog immediately.

If you love fashion and Korean dramas as much as I do, please support Korean Drama Fashion website. Like the Facebook page to get updates on recent posts. Thank you guys in advance! :D

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Inspiration: Weekend Getaways

This is definitely going to be a long post. Crossing my fingers that blogger won't die on me again. T__T. 

Yesterday, Karen and I had a half-spontaneous, half-planned trip to a nearby botanical garden. We were relying on the weather to make the decision for us. San Fernando city's botanical garden (I suppose it's my civic duty to promote our city) is a short, albeit steep climb up, trip from the town proper. If my memory serves me right, last time I was here was 1998 - so yeah, a decade and change.

The whole place is virtually a labyrinth of mini gardens. You'd be lucky if you can find a wide clearing. In most gardens, you'd have to enjoy the view (and take photos) from a stairway. But that's exactly the charm of this place. You'll never know which path you will be led to. The gardens are everywhere! 

We didn't see a lot of flowers though we were too tired to see the orchidarium and the bromeliad section. Saving that up for later, I guess. Most of the varieties we saw are the non-flowering varieties, which all looked the same to my non-horticulturist eyes.

 Wise words from Coco Chanel

 Do you know this plant? The leaves fold up when you touch it. It's really fun to watch. I can't help touching this plant whenever I see one at Myk's place.

Kids in disposition. lol! :p Never too old for swings.

In the wishing well, there are these pots shaped like fishes. There are signs in every one of the fishes. You are supposed to aim your coin on the fishes you want to wish for. Took a photo of the Love fish. I you want to wish for love, drop your coin here.

As you can see, a lot of people wished for love but missed. aww! Karen said the lottery pot was smaller. Why are they making it difficult for us to win the lottery?! I guess it's because the owners wanted people to wish for health and love and peace more. :p

Can't pose properly. Not enough time on the self-timer. Must get a remote.

It was akin to mountain climbing. My legs are still sore after all that walking. And I'm saying goodbye to those shoes as well. :'(

Hope you enjoyed viewing these photos and I hope they're all loading properly.


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