Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Parade Of Thoughts And Whatnots

This blog has suffered grave neglect in the past few days. Has it been close to two weeks already since my last outfit post? But I'm about to disappoint you (or not) because I don't have photos to upload. What I do have are some mundane stories of what I have been doing in the past few days.

I'm in the mood to write so if you can muster enough patience to go through my incessant yapping, read on...

It was an eventful past few days for Myk and I (if by my definition of eventful means doing the groceries and visiting quite a number of local retail stores), arguments and bickering notwithstanding. There's never a time we are together when we don't argue over trifling things. We argue about which road to take. We argue about the legit way of eating bibimbap. We have even resorted to arguing about the possibility or probability of rain. But that day I was wearing peach lace top and an even lacier tan shorts, we argued the most bitterly.

I appreciate that, truly. Because it is only during the most bitter arguments that long-buried slights and wounded souls come to the surface. And that's when we figure out what to change, what to do next, how to go on. In retrospect, it seems to be our recipe for our long-term relationship. Nothing annoys the hell out of me quite like a pacifist for a relationship.

I was given a short reprieve from the internet a few days back. Was it 3 days? I lost track. Not using the internet for three days, no messages to check, no fawning over fandoms, no spying on blogs. All I did was read and re-read my paperbacks. Eventually, the initial internet withdrawal symptoms ebbed. It was exhilarating, this world without technology. I should get away from the internet more often, I tell myself. 

Also took a trip to the bookstore/stationery store. I could spend the entire day here. I envy those kids who have a slew of writing materials to choose from. When I was in elementary, the coolest design ever printed on notebooks was Looney Tunes. I never had those. To cut back on costs, my parents usually bought us notebooks with covers of faces of the members of the now-defunct That's Entertainment show (note my excessive use of prepositions. I wonder if there's an easier way of saying that?). But I do remember owning the most awesome magic pencil back in the days when magic pencils were not yet so mainstream. I also had one of those transformer-like pencil cases that have lots of pockets and hidden compartments that spring out when you push a button.

Anyway, back to my story. It was when I was falling in line to pay for my haul when I realized I got a ton of vintage-inspired notepads, notebooks, stick-on notes and pencils that I don't have pressing need for. Whenever I shop for school items, I lose all traces of rationality. I eye stuff with the burning intensity of a geek visiting a library.

It has also come to my attention that my guitar has been collecting dust. I haven't played in months. Come to think of it, I haven't sung in months! Not even a bathroom concert. Whatever happened to my musical prowess? Where did my habit of randomly bursting into pop songs go? I've decided to put my guitar to good use again starting with learning how to play that new song from Maroon 5. 

And here's what I learned these past few days: 

1. My brain finds it weird every time someone uses hash tags when writing Facebook posts. 
2. My gadgets have a habit of breaking down when the idea of replacing them crosses my mind.
3. I have finally acknowledged that arozcaldo is my all-time favorite food. 
4. Thunderstorms can brew in mere seconds. True story!
5. Elena actually met Damon first.
6. You can use alt+click on the reblog button if you want to reblog anything on Tumblr in a jiffy.

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