Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lolita For A Day

When I threw this outfit together, I wasn't expecting Lolita. But Lolita was what came out. I have to say it's my favorite outfit as of today. It has all the elements I am obsessed over - crochet, lace, florals, sheer and tulle. It's actually a doll top paired with an underskirt. I thought it looked cohesive enough to pass up as a dress.

I wasn't feeling too peachy that day in Baguio. I had a severe attack of vertigo. Still feeling the effects until now. I was sort of wishing I'd just pass out on the ride home. It was just pure agony. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to alleviate the symptoms of vertigo? I'd be forever indebted to you if you have any useful and effective suggestion.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The North Remembers

I'm still recuperating from the emotional wounds left behind by the first season of Game of Thrones as I write this. If you have seen it or have read A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, you can probably empathize.

I have scarcely pulled myself out from the shock brought about by the graphic image of Ned Stark's head severed from his body while his two sheltered daughters look on, when my favorite Khal, Drogo, died from an infected wound. No, scratch that. Technically, he perished from suffocation. Certainly not the best way for an infamous Khal to die.

You should try watching GoT if you haven't yet. It's HBO though, so expect every episode to be saturated with nudity and explicit scenes, most of them unnecessary. It's not for the faint-hearted, staunch Catholics, and people under the age of 18. But the witty conversations between Varys and Littlefinger coupled with the unexpected lovestory of Dany and Drogo and the oozing appeal of Robb Stark and Jon Snow more than make up for the unnecessary parts. 

So anyway, because of the lack of posts last week, I pulled myself out of oblivion to try and take more photos today. We managed to take two sets of outfit photos. We tried taking a third set of photos but the place we went to was heavy with elitist air. I'm never going back there again. 

I swear I have soaked up enough UV rays today to shorten the life span of my skin cells. I forgot to replenish my vanity kit. But I guess I could use a bit more sun to chase away my gray pallor. UVA rays or UVB rays, I won't discriminate. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Someday, I'd Name My Daughter Willow

Listen To Steal His Heart by Emily and The Woods while reading on

What I wore to my nephew's christening. The original plan was to borrow some of the balloon decorations and use them as props. I tied them to my bag, left them for a while and they were gone when I came back. I never got to figure out what happened to them although witnesses said the knot unraveled and the balloons flew off.

This dress is the reason why I endured the summer heat today. Everyone's probably wondering how I'm faring in my long-sleeved dress in the scorching weather. But when I saw this vintage dress in the thrift store rack, I knew I had to have it and wear it no matter what the weather conditions are. Peter pan collar and polka dots? Just 200 pesos? I was sold.

It was originally a shin-length dress. When I tried it on first, my cousin told me i look like "lumang tao" (old person). It's a resounding compliment to my ears. :) I didn't want to cut the sleeves shorter so i left it as it is and just adjusted the length. Used my thrifted vintage bag and added bow hair accessory to complete the look. 

Also, if you've noticed my blog titles usually don't have anything to do with my blog posts. This one's not an exception. Are you guys also having as much trouble coming up with blog post titles as me? And oh, I really do like the name Willow. Since I can't change my name, I'd like to name my future daughter Willow. And maybe add another name. Like Summer. How does Willow Summer sound?

And her sister would be named Poppy Autumn.

So how are you guys spending your weekend? I really do want to know. 

PS: Sorry for the sweat-drenched hair tendrils.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hey There Little Dandelion

I was about to start this post with a rant but thought better of it. I guess I'm past the part where the tiniest of things rile and bother me. Heck, I'm already better than that. Sure, things may bother and rile me once in a while, people might irk me, their opinions might get under my skin, but the more important thing is to not let these things bring out the worse in me. 

So you can go ahead and think I'm vain, vapid, self-centered, snobbish or whatever, as long as you do not have a relevant place in my existence, your opinions of me hold no weight. 

Anyway dear blog readers, thanks for coming back to my site again. I trust you are not tired of my face yet! :) These are just some of the photos taken today in my current favorite shooting spot.

With my petite frame and often child-like antics, a lot of people often mistake me for a teenager, or at least someone who is in their early 20s. I just turned 26 last January so you can say I'm already a full-fledged adult at the marrying age. But there are times when I like to humor everyone and pretend I'm still fresh out of school. This is one of those times.

The bracelets also have a story. Originally, I had the bracelets "love", "live" and "travel" (my personal mantra). The bestie Karen asked to have hers written with the words "love", "eat" and "pray". I accidentally mixed it up with mine, grabbed the wrong bracelets to give to her and ended up having two "loves". Oh well, I guess there's a lot of room for love. :)

Someone once asked me why I have "travel" written in one of the bracelets when I don't really do much traveling. Well, that's exactly the point of having it. It reminds me that I need to travel more often. I'd like to own a refurbished teal-colored Splittie Volkswagen one day, fill it up with home amenities, bring my boyfriend with me and just aimlessly wander in the various places in the country, possibly broke and filled with idealistic dreams, but happy. 

What better way to get rid of stress than to buy new kicks? I bought the mint and white creepers from a very nice seller in eBay who offered me free shipping. And the yellow pair of flats is my sister's present from her recent trip. I love free stuff, don't you?

I also would like to thank fellow bloggers who commented on my anniversary post. Thanks for wishing me and my boyfriend well! Much love to you guys! <3 <3 <3


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