Saturday, March 10, 2012

Leave Me Here To Rusticate

A breath of fresh air. Literally. We went to the beach again and was instantly assailed by the fresh smell of the ocean. Nothing like sea air to cure my ever-present after-work malady, a.k.a. laziness. But the tedious walk left me with creaking and groaning pelvic bone. This is my body's way of saying I've been slacking off way too long and my joints are turning rusty.

This rooster pin was just a last-minute addition to this ensemble. Pretty sure my mother gave this to me. She's the one who always gives us cutesy pins and brooches and random nick-knacks. It's been hiding under my measuring tape and bobby pins until I remembered to unearth it a while ago.

Upside down horse ring. -_-

So it was one of those last-minute ensembles, a hasty product of different articles of clothing thrown together when your first choice failed to please and provide comfort. You can tell with my wrinkly choke-my-neck top. It seems to be my preference to wear something grandma-like whenever my first outfit choices failed to meet my comfort standards for the day. Pretty convenient if you ask me. It keeps the perverted stares at bay.

As you might have noticed, I don't like putting labels on the clothes I'm wearing. That's because I usually wear thrifted clothes. Sometimes, I wear DIY clothes.

I absolutely love this butterfly skirt with its electric pleats. I got it from my favorite thrift store a few months ago. I'm pretty sure they were sold at 100 php for 3 skirts (a little over $2). Yes, I scored big time.

I've been looking for the right top to go with it. In true Kathy style, I forgot about it until a few days ago when I cleaned and organized my closet. 

So to prevent such thing from happening again, I developed this system of taking photographs of clothes that I want to go together. It is arguably one of my most brilliant ideas yet. My denseness apparently knows no boundaries. 


  1. Cute outfit, love your nails!

  2. awww love your style . i love the pastel color combinated .

  3. You look pretty, and yes, the pictures are telling how fresh the air was.
    Where is that place? I'd like to visit!
    Mind to follow each other? :)

    La Petite Chateau

    1. Thanks Kalyana! This is my hometown. It's just right across the street in my place here in La Union. A few walks from here is a surfing area. Tourists love going there. You'll like it here if you want the laid-back, uncrowded kind of atmosphere! :)

      And sure we can follow each other. Just followed your blog! :)

    2. Thankyou :) I follow you too, I love your style!
      I hope oneday I can go there ;)


  4. You are too cute! I LOVE your outfit and those adorable nails! <3



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