Saturday, March 24, 2012

Give Me A Nudge In The Right Direction

Listen to Far Far by Yael Naim while reading on...

The rain woke me up at dawn today - big, simultaneous drops of rain that threatened to overwhelm the roof gutter. But with the humidity as of late, I'm not really surprised. 

The weather, it's a lot like human nature. Erratic. Tumultuous. When it's fed up, deluge is inevitable. 

Sleep, from then on, was elusive. I spent the wee hours of the morning listening to the sound of the rain. I used to revel in the rain, even prayed for it and the temporary respite from school the strong ones tend to evoke. But then, I used to be under the bliss of ignorance. I know better now. Seemingly harmless rain can turn into a cataclysmic event nobody can foresee. Not even the perpetually inept government weather forecasting administration we have here.

Dressing up was a real challenge today. I was too lazy to overcome my laziness (huh?). Plus, the weather isn't really helping much. These days, it's commonplace to look like you just ran a marathon. In the end, I just threw on my go-to booties, lace-tulle underskirt and stripes yellow dress that I didn't even bother to iron. Sometimes, I am such a pitiful excuse for a girl. 

But I was clean and I had on my latest DIY detachable collar so I guess all is fine. 

PS: I exchanged blog buttons with the lovely Hattie from Hattitude Style Blog as you can probably see on my sidebar. Do check her blog out and her latest collection of vintage jewelry.


  1. Hattitude Style Blog
    i love yael niam! and i love your cute head phones even those are stylish! what a great top/dress too. the lighting is awesome in these photos.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

    1. Her songs are so inspiring! It was late afternoon when these photos were taken. Magical moment! :))

  2. great photos! love your shirt and headphones!

    1. hey Sandy! Thanks for the lovely comment. :)

  3. the lights here in your pics are just so so so beautiful and lovely
    great pics!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  4. All of your photos are so, so gorgeous! I absolutely love the colors.



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