Saturday, March 24, 2012

Give Me A Nudge In The Right Direction

Listen to Far Far by Yael Naim while reading on...

The rain woke me up at dawn today - big, simultaneous drops of rain that threatened to overwhelm the roof gutter. But with the humidity as of late, I'm not really surprised. 

The weather, it's a lot like human nature. Erratic. Tumultuous. When it's fed up, deluge is inevitable. 

Sleep, from then on, was elusive. I spent the wee hours of the morning listening to the sound of the rain. I used to revel in the rain, even prayed for it and the temporary respite from school the strong ones tend to evoke. But then, I used to be under the bliss of ignorance. I know better now. Seemingly harmless rain can turn into a cataclysmic event nobody can foresee. Not even the perpetually inept government weather forecasting administration we have here.

Dressing up was a real challenge today. I was too lazy to overcome my laziness (huh?). Plus, the weather isn't really helping much. These days, it's commonplace to look like you just ran a marathon. In the end, I just threw on my go-to booties, lace-tulle underskirt and stripes yellow dress that I didn't even bother to iron. Sometimes, I am such a pitiful excuse for a girl. 

But I was clean and I had on my latest DIY detachable collar so I guess all is fine. 

PS: I exchanged blog buttons with the lovely Hattie from Hattitude Style Blog as you can probably see on my sidebar. Do check her blog out and her latest collection of vintage jewelry.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Promise, Summer Won't Be Overrated This Time

"Right now you're thinking 'Why didn't I mind my own business?' Well, for the past three days I've watched everyone in this bar having fun while you've been sitting here minding your own business. But in my opinion, if you spend your whole life not getting involved, you might look up one day and realize that you've opted out, that you're not a part of life anymore, and that your own business is a lonely place."

Listen To You've Got Growing Up To Do By Joshua Radin while reading on...

Remember that old adage that goes "don't judge a book by its cover"? Well, in my case, I judge a book by its publisher. I hoarded used books on the internet a couple of months ago. They're all from my latest favorite romance novel (yes, I'm tacky like that) author. The seller was kind enough to give me a few book freebies. I wasn't planning on reading the freebies as I'm not really a huge fan of those thin paperback romance novels. I prefer the thick regency or historical romance ones. But my lack of new books to read has compelled me to read them. 

It was actually one of those rare instances when you stumble upon what you thought was an incredibly cheesy book only to find out that it is actually saturated with a lot of inspiring quotes. The quote above was from one of those books. 

I brought prop for this day's shoot: bubbles (or whatever you call that soapy stuff in a tube/bottle that produces bubbles)!

My capable photog and tree! 

You are probably sick of my face by now. I know I am. I just couldn't resist posting all these photos. Looking at them makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It's probably the colors. 

If someone asks me what my favorite month is, I'd probably say it's December. Nothing beats the holiday season. But March comes a close second. There's just too much promise...and hope. Other countries are anticipating spring time while we here in the tropics are already prepping up for the summer season. And the summer season is practically tantamount to happiness and excitement. 

When I was still in school, I'd get all giddy when the month of February is peeled off from the calendar to reveal the fresh month of March. I'd be restless, anticipating the long school break, completely enthralled with the prospect of swimming in the beach and watching my favorite animes.

Growing up, there were a lot of days when I'd bitch about the humidity and the infernal heat the summer season evokes. But deep down inside, I'm glad we are blessed with such a climate. In comparison to floods and destructive typhoons, I'd take the summer season any day.

So yes. Hope you guys like the photos. We went out of our way(literally) to get them. :)

PS: The colorful stripes top is actually a dress. I just folded it a little and tucked the rest in, which is why my shorts look a little poofy.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Leave Me Here To Rusticate

A breath of fresh air. Literally. We went to the beach again and was instantly assailed by the fresh smell of the ocean. Nothing like sea air to cure my ever-present after-work malady, a.k.a. laziness. But the tedious walk left me with creaking and groaning pelvic bone. This is my body's way of saying I've been slacking off way too long and my joints are turning rusty.

This rooster pin was just a last-minute addition to this ensemble. Pretty sure my mother gave this to me. She's the one who always gives us cutesy pins and brooches and random nick-knacks. It's been hiding under my measuring tape and bobby pins until I remembered to unearth it a while ago.

Upside down horse ring. -_-

So it was one of those last-minute ensembles, a hasty product of different articles of clothing thrown together when your first choice failed to please and provide comfort. You can tell with my wrinkly choke-my-neck top. It seems to be my preference to wear something grandma-like whenever my first outfit choices failed to meet my comfort standards for the day. Pretty convenient if you ask me. It keeps the perverted stares at bay.

As you might have noticed, I don't like putting labels on the clothes I'm wearing. That's because I usually wear thrifted clothes. Sometimes, I wear DIY clothes.

I absolutely love this butterfly skirt with its electric pleats. I got it from my favorite thrift store a few months ago. I'm pretty sure they were sold at 100 php for 3 skirts (a little over $2). Yes, I scored big time.

I've been looking for the right top to go with it. In true Kathy style, I forgot about it until a few days ago when I cleaned and organized my closet. 

So to prevent such thing from happening again, I developed this system of taking photographs of clothes that I want to go together. It is arguably one of my most brilliant ideas yet. My denseness apparently knows no boundaries. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make Kony Famous

I don't really care that I found out about this just yesterday. I don't even care if I'm not legit enough to spread it because I'm not really an activist or that I can't really donate lots of money to this charity. I don't care if people are bashing at this new "bandwagon". I'm just glad I have been made aware that this has been going on. And if this awareness can help change the world as we know it and if there is a chance that someone out there does not know about  it yet but would like to be aware, then I'm grabbing that chance to spread the word. We have been silenced long enough.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Have A Little Whimsy

How are you guys doing? Myk and I did a by-the-lake mini shoot. I went a little crazy again and edited a ton of photos, the likes of which will put the other entries in the shade.

We were supposed to take photos at Myk's place but my hypocritical alter-ego surfaced and wanted to take photos at a place where nobody would recognize me. So I figured we can just stop by somewhere and take some quick photos. After missing our stop, Myk and I had to backtrack our way to this lakeside area. By the time we got there, the sun was already setting. Perfect time for pretty sun flares!

Told you I got too crazy. 

I'm gritting my teeth as I write this and as I wait for my photos to finish uploading. My internet is currently taking its sweet time. What is it with internet providers these days? They are as unreliable as rain. Patience has never been one of my virtues, clearly. But I guess when you are paying for a service and you are not getting your money's worth, patience is a moot issue.
So I was really scared of toppling over the lake. It was so murky, I wondered what sort of unknown creature it harbored. Images of the Loch Ness monster and Hades abducting Persephone sort of formed in my too-paranoid mind. I am too much of a reader of folklore and Greek mythology, to be honest. 

Anyway, let's talk hair. I have sworn never to have my hair chemically straightened again as I am rather fond of curling it on an occasional basis and I don't really care much for stick-straight hair nowadays. But then some maggot took up residence in my brain a couple of months ago and I had it permed. It went bad. Like brittle and lackluster hair bad. I knew it's bound to get worse, what with the humid season and all just around the corner. So I finally decided to have it treated again to bring back the shine. So there. Pin straight here for the next month or so. I'll cheat and curl it occasionally.

I'm sporting mint-colored knit stolen from mother's closet and the DIY lace shorts I also wore in my previous entry. I'm also wearing a DIY detachable collar, which was made fun of by Myk once he noticed my collar is not attached to anything in my outfit. hahaha!

I made cookies and cream Popsicles last night and sampled them this morning. Look how they turned out! They're so yum. I mixed in a hefty amount of cream cheese.

Myk and I's latest cooking date gave way to this: creamy mushroom pesto pasta and parmesan chicken

All in all, it was a great Saturday.


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