Saturday, February 18, 2012

There Is A Certain Awesomeness To The Mundane That Many People Are Blind To

Yesterday's outfit photos. There's nothing like denim and lace to kill the gloomy weather buzz that has been the staple weather these past few days. I made the lace shorts myself and just used old scalloped shorts. Layering the lace was a no-brainer but a bit tricky especially around the crotch part.

Begging your forgiveness for photo #4. I had to agonize for a few minutes whether or not to post it. But what the heck. I might as well come clean and showcase the fact that I am and will forever be a complete dork. My photog, Myk, seems to have a knack for taking photos of me in my most candid. I have lost count on the number of photos he took with some bizarre facial expression plastered on my face.

We tried eating at this new, family-owned (i think?) cafe called Cafe Iluminada. They are not your run-of-the-mill cafe because they sell some of the most unusual grubs including this tinapa (smoked fish) pizza.

While waiting for our food, we have to fend off a swarm of mosquitoes. I wish it wasn't a rainy day though because they do set up tables and chairs outdoors on a clear day. The place was quaint and rather comforting. 

So there. Hope you dear readers are having an awesome weekend. Do hit me up with comments and stories of your own weekend. Would love to hear from you!


  1. So stoked to have inspired a DIY as good as this! How did you do them?
    xx Annika

  2. Kind of figured it out actually ;) totally inspired me to try this... or maybe do a layered lace skirt.....

  3. @AnnikaVictoria: Imagine me being ecstatic that you visited my blog. haha. I actually did this lace shorts and a DIY peter pan collar because I got inspired by your DIY posts. For the shorts, I bought same color lace as my old shorts and then layered them starting at the bottom. It should be pretty easy for you. :))



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