Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh Dear!

I am purely made up of lazy bones this week. I couldn't even muster the energy and the interest to take outfit photos. I blame that on the impending monthly visit and what it does to a woman's emotional stability. So i spent the week working, playing Sims 3 and reading a cheap and crappy book. I'm making a mental note to buy some decent books after pay day. This lack of decent books to read is not doing wonders to my sanity.

So this morning I had to cook a feast for my brother's birthday. Everyone's skeptical when I came up with these:

Don't let the chili stem fool you. They aren't as spicy as they look. I slit the middle and got rid of the seeds and then filled it up with cheese and ham strips, wrapped them up in lumpia wrapper, dipped in cornstarch batter and dredged with breadcrumbs. Fry them up and you are good to go. They were a goner a few minutes later after the guests have gotten over their initial skepticism.

To cap this lazy week off, I'm eating instant ramen that tastes suspiciously like instant Jjampong. Ummm...additives, preservatives and MSG overload. Must detox tomorrow.


  1. That's a really perfect activities you did when you feel unwell, but I just can't wait to see your outfit post and I'm impressed about you ability to cook. So cool :)

    Happy Weekend :)

    1. Thank you so much! :) I promise to come up with outfit photos more often now with occasional food photos.haha! :)

  2. looks amazing, happy friday xx

    violetheart xxoo



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