Friday, February 10, 2012

The Love Month

Brace yourself for a barrage of photos.

I got carried away with the amount of photos I have posted. Pardon me. I'm redundant like that. And I'm just such a sucker for slightly overexposed photos. 

Anyway this is supposedly my Valentines day style post. Although V-day is still a couple of days away, I have already contrived with the boyfriend to make a Valentines day-inspired mini shoot. I lugged around this cutesy mini vintage-inspired satchel and donned a cloche hat I got from our recent Baguio trip. The satchel was so dreamy I just had to have it. 

I did away with the hat and satchel when Myk and I went out. But even then, I got more than a couple of weird stares that annoyed me to no end. Sometimes I wish it was the 50's or 60's again. Despite the war, a lot of people really made a conscious effort to dress up. Sometimes I wish it was like that in my little town. It would make me happy to see ladies wearing dresses a lot more often and with pretty coifs to match. 
When I was in school, I never really had the opportunity to dress up that much. Aside from the dresscodes that pretty much hampered the progress of school fashion, there was also my low self-esteem to deal with. I never really had the confidence to wear pretty dresses. Without fail, I was always clad in the basics - jeans, shirts, sneakers, the whole nine yards. So I can forgive myself for being overly fastidious these days.

Dressing up does not even have to bust the bank. Most of my clothes are from thrift shops (hope this disputes any idea of this being an elitist blog). Most of my ensembles do not cost more than 200 hundred pesos. I'm a cheapskate when it comes to clothes.

So anyway, what are your plans for Valentines day?

PS: I'm going to put a damper to the saccharine sweetness of the above-posted photos and say that they were taken in a memorial park. The ghosts approved.


  1. you are just so darling! :) it seems that we have pretty much things in common - the love of the 50s dressing up women and also a super-thrifter too :) and i loveeee you box bag! been meaning to get it for such a long time but i can't find one here in Plymouth :( I hope I do find one though when I'm back in Malaysia :)

  2. Hi Clare! Thank you so much. Fashion in the 50s was so adorable, wasn't it? I actually got the bag from a store called Egg. Not sure if it's an international company. Hope you'll find a similar one there. Thanks for checking out my blog! :)

  3. you have adorable style, i love your blog. definitely following now, keep in touch..

    violetheart xxoo

  4. @violetheart: Thank you so much dear. Your blog is so beautiful too. I love your style. Following you back! :)

  5. @Thirteenlbs: Thank you dear! And thanks for following my blog.

  6. aww these photos are so cute :) i love them and i love your shoes so much <3!

  7. Hi Stephanie! Glad you like them. Your blog is so nice too! I like your style

  8. Love your cute hat! And I like your hair too, is that permanent?

    1. Hi Vanessa! thanks! It is permanent. I just curled it and just applied styling products on it. :)

  9. Lovely outfit ^^ I adore your hair. You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥



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