Monday, February 6, 2012

Baguio Early 2012 (Because There's Bound To Be Another Trip Later This Year)

Finally had time and opportunity to visit Baguio. The month-long flower festival they're having just started a couple of days ago. It isn't surprising to find the public places and the streets packed with both tourists and locals. So anyway we only managed to get a couple of decent photos (most of them photos of food, sorry!) because we were so busy checking out what grub to try out. 

There's this really nice, no-nonesense, quaint food stall we make a point to visit in Baguio called Cucinino. It's run by a couple of guys. They specialize in creating Italian dishes, particularly pasta. Cheap and delish. 

Our Baguio trip's not complete without Takoyaki. It is so unlike those sold here in San Fernando. It is complete with pickled ginger, nori and fish flakes. 

What's a flower festival without photos of actual flowers? These are just actually taken from the park. They have different colors but I opted to take this peach-colored flower. Pretty no?

And then photos from Market Encounter!

Awkward poses are awkward. Apparently there is a limit to my camwhoring skills. 
Some strolling took us to this skating (roller blading) ground. It's like the 90's all over again! Myk was talking me into trying it out but thanks. My coordination and balance are negligible. Didn't fancy falling flat on my face when my feet were already killing me. 

Bump cars! This i tried and nearly got a whiplash from my streak of adventurousness (yes, this is the closest thing to an adventure I'm going to get in the next couple of months, methinks). I was scared witless because a.) I don't know how to drive and b.) Some random kids were deliberately bumping on the rear of my bump car. That's the whole point, I know. I'm chicken. I just circled the perimeter and avoided them kids while screaming at the top of my lungs. This is me at my most ridiculous. 

Pretty 50mm pastel orbs! Definitely a sucker for orbs.

Took this photo while waiting for a cab. I failed to complete the heart. I'm such a goody-two shoed citizen who doesn't want to get off the line. 

A baby chow asleep on its feeding bowl. Adorbz!

Going home. The view while going down. Clearly I'm not much of a travel blogger.

Glad my ears are no longer stuffy. They were a couple of weeks ago during my last bout of flu. Otherwise, I'd be suffering from the effects of the altitude once again. 

Awww, I want to go on a weekend break with Myk again!

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