Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things Are Changing, Can You Feel It? See It?

Warning: This post has stark digital narcissism all over it.

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 obviously contrived pictures

the silliness I do to my boyfriend

 cousin Trixie chasing after crabs

The GIFs (yes, I'm addicted to making them now)

I suppose the bow and the polka dots saved this ensemble from being too...austere. This has been largely inspired by Willabelle Ong of Pale Division and 2ne1's It Hurts music video. 

Recently bought a pair of creepers and found out they are quite comfy. This pair doesn't need breaking in unlike my other lace up wedge that nearly killed my feet. But surprisingly, creepers are a little difficult to walk in. It takes some time getting used to. 

So anyway, it'll probably be a long time before we get to shoot alongside the beach. For some reason, one of our neighbors barricaded our usual pathway to the beach. In the other pathways, homeowners are letting their mongrels run loose. We have had one too many encounters with them. Thankfully, no bites! I'd like to keep it that way. Everything is pretty much private property now. Sucks big time.
Anyhow, I'm running out of creative juices now. Got tons of stuff to do on the morrow. Might as well call it a day. Have a great night (or day) everyone!


  1. Found your blog via Chictopia, and I love it! Following you now :)

    I *love* your outfit here. And those gifs are pretty neat-o!


  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for following. Glad you like the photos and the gifs!



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