Saturday, January 14, 2012

Life Goes On

Guess who just turned 26? 

Will share some photos of the food from my "children's party". Failed to take complete and decent photos because the power interruption screwed it up a little bit and I absolutely hate shooting using artificial light (most likely because I have zero experience shooting under artificial light). In retrospect, I have been having an electricity-less birthday party 3 years in a row already. I should have known this year won't be any different.

supposed to take a photo of this with its creamy tuna melt sauce but failed

cheese-filled potato croquettes. unexpectedly, everyone loved it and went for seconds. 

I have imagined being 25, imagined being married when I turn 27 or 28, imagined my 30th birthday when I bid goodbye to the glorious 20's. But i never really thought much about turning 26. It seems more like a filler year to me. Or a year that makes me realize how much of an adult I have become. Or how there's no point in turning back. I feel like I'm still teetering between childhood and adulthood. I still love my cartoons and my anime, I still watch barbie movies and like checking them out in the toy store, still doodle in my notebook and still wear big bows and frilled socks, still gush like a teener over my idols and fandoms. 

It is even hard to convince people that I'm 26. Most of them think I'm in my early 20s or something.

I guess age really doesn't matter. As you get older, the numbers become irrelevant. You are left with substance and what you have learned in the past few years. 

The past year has been extremely good to me. Opportunities here and there. I may complain about being overworked sometimes but in reality, I am extremely thankful that I am productive. 

I have learned to detach myself from trivialities and focus on what is really crucial.

On the other hand, i don't claim to know where exactly I am going. People my age should be allowed to feel lost every now and then, right? And sometimes, the feeling of being lost creeps in and bludgeons me in the head. I'm a control freak and I tend to feel uneasy whenever I am pulled out of my comfort zone. I like plans and organization but I never thought I'd also like the randomness of life. I am a bit conflicting, i know.

I'm probably not making much sense right now but what the hey! It's been a long time since I have done a self-realization post like this. ha~

Anyhow, thanks to all those who greeted me on my birthday. You all made me happy as a bee~

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