Sunday, January 22, 2012

Karen And Kathy Escapades Part I

Happy Lunar New Year! I never did get why people always say "happy Chinese New Year". The Chinese are not the only ones celebrating the turn of the year. But I guess that's because there's a more predominant number of Chinese settlers in the Philippines than Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese or any other Asian settlers combined.

Anyhow, these photos were taken by my 11-year old cousin again so forgive the quality. :) I forgot about this dress. It was my most recent dress purchase but it was deeply sandwiched between other dresses. While I was having the "closetful-of-clothes-but-nothing-to-wear" moment, i saw its hem peeking out. I knew I should wear it. Else, I'd completely forget about it.

Spent yesterday with my best bud Karen! Ate late lunch, bought a tripod and tested out my newly acquired 50mm.

One of my comfort foods. Rice porridge! (locally known as Arozcaldo)

Karen's food!

Okoy. It's a fritter mixed with bean sprouts, small shrimps, squash...

Look what they have on display! A charcoal-operated vintage-style clothes iron. I remember my grandma using one of this when I was a kid.

Suddenly, the beach.

We took so many photos, it's a miracle my camera's memory card held up. These are the only ones I managed to resize and edit. Will probably post more soon.


  1. haha! ang ganda lang talaga nung nakaupo tayo, parang high school lang lol!

  2. mukha pa rin talaga tayong high schoolers. haha! kahit mageffort magdalaga.



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