Sunday, December 23, 2012

Houndstooth Print

Like many things in my life, I didn't fall head over heels in love with Houndstooth print at first sight. It's one of the prints that took some time getting used to - like how you listen passively to Gangnam Style in the first part and start to bob your head and tap your fingers the minute you reach its chorus.

I admit, part of Houndstooth print's charm to me is its utter rarity where I live. It's archaic. And people will probably look at you and scoff and say you are dated, which is actually the point.

But there's definitely something classy about the Houndstooth print that sets it above its sister, the checkered print. I can see myself wearing this more often.

On another note, Christmas happens in a few days and I'm as excited as a kid who has a sock full of goodies despite my bank account being at its all time low! Bask in the joy, nostalgia and utter warmth of Christmas and use it to fuel you for the next year. 

Happy Holidays everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Skin 79 Intense Classic Balm The Premium BB Cream Review

I've been requested to write a review about my recent make-up haul which consists of Skin 79's The Intense Classic Balm and 3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-Up Powder.

I'm not a make-up guru. I can't put on decent make-up to save my life. But I consider myself a fair source of information when it comes to BB creams.

I started using BB creams back in 2009. It's not actually make-up. I usually consider BB creams more as a skin care regimen than actual make-up. BB creams are practically the Holy Grail for me because I don't like going out with super matte face. I like a bit of dew.

My first tube was Purederm's BB Cream, which I absolutely love. But after it has been discontinued (although they say it's still available in select Watsons stores), I've been on the hunt for a BB cream that will replace it.

I bought Missha BB cream next but wasn't very ecstatic about its pink undertone. I have a yellow undertone so BB creams with pink undertones tend to make my face look ghoulish. I do love Missha's coverage though. It evens out your skin tone and hides light pimple scars.

I also tried Lioele but I mixed it up with my Missha so I'm not completely certain how it looks like when applied alone.

I chose Skin 79's The Intense Classic Balm this time because I've heard about its awesome coverage. Here's my review of this product:

Consistency: Medium Thick. Not as thick as my Missha, which makes this BB cream quite easy to spread on your face. It also doesn't dry up fast so you can take your time applying it evenly.

Finish: Very natural. Almost like you don't have anything on. I love how it complements my yellow undertone so the result is pretty brightening. When I wore it the first time, my boyfriend complimented my glowing skin tone.

Coverage: Although most of the reviews say it has medium coverage, this one actually has light coverage. My Missha does a better job at covering pimple scars. On the other hand, coverage is buildable. You can apply two layers tops. I wouldn't recommend wearing a third layer because your face will definitely look ghoulish.

Don't worry about your skin looking too white immediately after applying. It oxidizes to match your skin tone after a while so you might want to wait a few minutes before applying a setting powder.

Here's what it looks like under flash photography. It definitely brightens up the skin but not overly so.

I read somewhere that BB creams work better if you just pat it on your skin to fill up your pores instead of just rubbing it on. Patting the product also makes it look more natural (almost like your second skin). If you have a kabuki brush, use it to dab the product on your face.

Staying Power: I played badminton wearing this and after an hour of sweating it in the badminton court, I still look decent. I could use a bit of retouching though but since I never really bothered to retouch my make-up when I'm out, staying power isn't really such a big deal for me.

Verdict: I love this BB cream. I can definitely see myself buying a second bottle. When I get around to buying Estee Lauder's foundation, I think I'm going to wear a thin layer of this on top just to get the natural glow and "dew" that I want.

This BB cream is best paired with this product:

3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-Up Powder, formerly known as Palgantong powder.

It has a brightening effect without making your face look like you accidentally tripped on a bowl of flour. Best applied with a brush for a poreless finish. This powder works well as a setting powder but don't expect it to give a lot of coverage. It just keeps your face oil-free, methinks.

So far these products didn't make me break out. My skin is pretty oily so I can't stand anything that clogs my pores.

I hope this review helped you out in any way. I suck at making reviews so...

You can get these products and loads of other Korean/Japanese products from Szakiyah here

Pastel Sunset. New Age.

Photos from yesterday when we went to the beach to bask under the magic of December 21, 2012.  I can't even describe how amazing the sunset was. It was a bit filtered because of the thick clouds so the rays cast a pretty pastel color everywhere.

Lots of people came out to take photos so it was a little hard to take photos without a stranger photobombing at the background. lol! These sunset photos are unfiltered and unedited so you can really see how pretty the lighting was.

And I just went and sat on the sand with all those tiny twigs and sea shells washed over the shore pricking me. My curls just sagged after being blown by the salty sea wind. I was definitely not attired for the beach but I just love this yellow top with its structured sleeves and tulle piping. This outfit was inspired by Ah Rum from I Miss You.

And then, dinner!

So guys, how did you spend your December 21, 2012?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Of Doomsday, Mayans and Arrogant Civilization

It's December 21, 2012 where I live. Have you guys been expecting something cataclysmic to happen? 

I promised myself that I will channel only positive energy, positive thoughts in preparation for the alignment but it gets really tough especially when I see a lot of people mocking the Mayans, which if I may add is one of the most advanced civilizations that ever walked on the planet (and yes, even more advanced than today's civilization as tough as that may be for our bloated egos to chew), on Facebook.

See the Mayans didn't get it wrong. It is the end. It's the end of the dark age (experts call it the Age of Pisces) and we have now just entered the Age of Aquarius, which is expected to be the Age of Enlightenment, Truth and Unity. It's an age to look forward to because the darkness will start to fade and people will become more enlightened. 

The Mayans didn't say the world is going to meet an apocalyptic end today (although that is still a possibility because remember the day isn't half over yet). They said an old age will end and a new one will begin. Change WILL happen. Whether that change is instantaneous or will creep up on us gradually, it will happen.

Instead of mocking the Mayans and being arrogant and crass about the possibility of doomsday, let's just use this day to meditate, reflect and think about the changes that should take place because let's face it, this world NEEDS change. You NEED to change. Because if you don't, the failed doomsday you have laughed at today will become a reality in the near future. 

So yeah, reflect and meditate to coincide with the galactic alignment, perhaps somewhere close to nature (we chose the beach). You can afford to lose a day (or two!).

Sunday, December 16, 2012


It's my dear Mama's birthday today and we spent the better part of the afternoon cooking up a birthday supper. Happy birthday Ma! I'd like to list down the hundreds or so reasons why my mother is the best but words elude me. It happens when there's something awesome I want to say but I end up choking it all up. I know this wouldn't suffice but we at home love you so much!

After eating, I'm not feeling so swell so I hit the couch and took off to Winterfell where I'm still grappling with the first book of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. And then I remembered we took  outfit shots yesterday and I forgot to post it. meh. So here it is - one of my no-brainer outfits. The kind of outfit I wear when I want to preserve a semblance of stylishness without baring too much skin. The kind of outfit that makes people wonder if I'm going to give them envelopes and ask for Church donations. I suppose it was the creepers that saved the outfit from looking too Sunday mass-esque.

So Christmas and New Year is looming before us. I did me some Christmas gift shopping for my family that virtually rendered me a pauper. I kept on consoling myself that it's really better to give than to receive this Christmas. That didn't stop me from relishing the idea of receiving a brand new bicycle soon though. Advanced thanks to the boyfriend! 

This year, I decided not to make a New Year's resolution list. The past few years taught me that my brain isn't cut at remembering resolutions, let alone, at keeping them. But I decided to keep one resolution in mind: "to say yes more often". 

Now before you start knocking on my front door, asking to borrow money, in the hopes that I say "yes" without batting an eyelash, I'd like to qualify. I'm going to say "yes" to new experiences, to trying out new hobbies, to conquering my fears, to testing different waters, to meeting new people and friends and to pretty much anything that will give me more substance. 

I suppose this is the perfect resolution for me. Easy to forge in my brain. No superb attention span needed. 

So guys, have you done your Christmas shopping already? Made your New Year's resolution?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Rurouni Kenshin

So we watched Rurouni Kenshin today and homg it's so epic! And I'm totally going to switch to geek/otaku mode and reiterate how amazing the fight scenes, the whole cinematography and the casting were.

Takeru Sato really delivered. I had doubts about his believability as Kenshin when news of him being selected to play the lead role came out. I mean this is the comparatively fledgling actor who played second lead alongside Mizushima Hiro in Mei-Chan no Shitsuji a couple of years ago. And now he gets to play lead roles? Just look at him in BECK! He even learned how to play the guitar. What dedication! It helps a lot that he is a huge fan of Samurai X because he absolutely wanted to do the anime justice.

It's so nice to find non-JE actors snag the lead spots. I'm a fan of Kame, Yamapi, Toma, Jun, Junpei (the money-makers of JE these days) but they are too overexposed sometimes. There are just some actors that fit in the role perfectly like Kenichi Matsuyama as L and Oguri Shun as Shinichi Kudo. This time it's Takeru as Kenshin Himura!

Okay enough fan girling. <3<3<3 Have you guys seen the movie already?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tomorrow Never Knows


Just a quick post to let you guys know I'm still alive. Hectic week. Where did time go? There seems to be something to do in every given time. That includes making this DIY cat tote.

Leaving you with photos from last week. Hope you guys are doing great!



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