Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tryin' To Chase The Crazy Right Out Of My Head

Strong wind and overcast skies. They never fail to make me feel needlessly maudlin. But there's something about this weather that brings out the inner poet in some people. I guess I'm one of them. But don't worry. I'm not going to launch into random poetic least not on my very first entry. 

I miss blogging. Terribly. 

You see, I write for a living. But I have shied away from blogging for more than a month. In fact, I shied away from the whole social network-dom for reasons I'm never going to divulge. I miss going over random things in my life...documenting them as if they are worth something. There's something about blogging and talking about my mundane, uneventful life that sets the balancing wheel of my life in motion. 

My indecisiveness knows no boundaries. In the span of a year, I have changed blog, blog name and blog layout so many times I have lost count. Seriously, i need to put a tight rein on my whims. I can hardly keep up with them. 

If you are a friend who has been badgering my loved ones on Facebook, wondering what the hoopla has kept me away from the hobnobbing center of modern society, i'll give you an accounting of my latest...err exploits. 

I have done my best to catch up with episodes of Running Man. I burned my butt off watching this K-variety show in avid fascination. I'm seriously in love with the whole gang, Sparta Kookie, Yooruce Willis, the Monday Couple, Haroro, the new version of Dumb and Dumber Suk Jin and Gwangsoo and Joong Ki. 

Tumblr has also compelled me to try watching Downton Abbey and I'm done with the whole 2 seasons. I really have this thing for period dramas. I am particularly enamored with the culture, beauty and opulence of the 18th century and the early 19th century. I head there's going to be Christmas Special. The show should just stop torturing Matthew and Mary! They ought to be together for the sake of our sanity!

Lest I delude you into thinking that my life is only spent in front of my computer, watching series and k/j-dramas, I have to say I do occasionally inject a bit of spice to my otherwise dull existence. Just last weekend, my bf coerced me into joining him and his family to give Pugad a go. I though my fear of heights was incurable. Apparently, I can still maintain a grip on my faculties even when I'm in a harness, traversing mountains with my life handed over to some thin cables. I think my fear of disgracing myself in front of Myk's family eclipsed my fear of heights. hohoho :) But yeah, it was fun.

If you have read up to this part, your attention span should be praised to no end. So there. Welcome to My Peach Days. I'll try to be more coherent next time.

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