Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Colors Of Christmas

I wish I can go back to seeing Christmas in the eyes of a kid - full of joy and anticipation. But I guess for an adult, a larger part of the holiday season is spent stressing out on a myriad of things. Trifling things, really.

Odd but I have been feeling a bit melancholic as of late. I originally blamed it on my perennial case of flu. But now, I am at a loss as to the roots of this highly unwelcome feeling. I must have been bitten by the blue Christmas bug (or whatever you call the melancholy usually associated with the holiday season).

Anyhow, took photos of the Christmas decors we have at home. Been practicing taking shots of orbs. I love how when you outfocus the lights, they turn into orbs. Without my eyeglasses, lights actually look like orbs to me! So if you want to know how a myopic eye sees things, check out the first photo.


  1. I felt the same as soon as 1st day of December arrived. I was crying 5 consecutive nights for reasons I'm not sure of. How I miss you Ate Katchan. :(

  2. Hi Cath! Missing you too! Why the sadness? I must go back on FB soon so I can listen to your story. Do update me! :)



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